Toopher, acquired in 2015, is an invisible location-based multifactor authentication solution designed around user behavior and powered by a phone's location awareness. While working at Toopher, I collaborated with the marketing team to re-design & build Designing and building the site was a challenge because the site had two distinct audiences with different goals: consumers using the Toopher app and enterprise buyers looking for a multifactor authentication solution.

  • Photography
  • Visual Design
  • Development


Starting out, we did not have much visual media to work with. We really needed visual media to make the site friendly and inviting, so I took various pictures of people using iPhones and photoshopped screenshots of the Toopher app into them.

Auth request on iPhone
Auth request on iPhone
Auth request on iPhone


Toopher's brand is fun and quirky, (Toopher - as in 2 for 1) but the largest audience of the site was enterprise buyers. I had to strike a balance between friendliness and trustworthiness while at the same time educating visitors on technical topics such as Custom Action Authentication. I used large amounts of photos and illustrations to keep site inline with the Toopher brand, while providing the technical information some visitors were looking for.

Toopher homepage design
Toopher education page design
Toopher automation page design
Toopher critical authentication page design
Toopher blog page design

Responsive Wordpress Theme

I built a custom responsive Wordpress theme based off of Bootstrap so the marketing department could edit product pages, create landing pages, and publish blog posts.


Toopher was acquired by Salesforce in May of 2015.