Toopher Developer Portal

While at Toopher, I helped to design and build the Toopher developer portal - a comprehensive site for Toopher customers. The site included a n-boarding section for developers and a documentation section to introduce the Toopher API. The site also included an extensive account control panel to manage deployments and clients.

  • Visual Design
  • UX Design
  • Development

Developer Portal Landing Page

The first part of the site visitors came to was the developer introduction page. I designed this part of the developer portal after the design of landing pages on the main Toopher site so it was friendly and inviting to visitors and would hopefully get them excited about integrating their apps with Toopher. I used actual photos of Toopher developers on the engineering team in the landing pages.

Toopher Developers portal landing page

API Introduction & Walkthrough

Another page new visitors were likely to visit was the API introduction page. This page was meant to introduce the API as quickly as possible and demonstrate how easy the API was to use. I took inspiration for the API introduction from Stripe's API documentation.

Toopher Developers API introduction page

Documentation Pages

The site also featured a number pages with documentation around various parts of the API. I designed these to be easily skimmed so developers working with the API could easily find what they were looking for.

Toopher Developers API documentation pages

Account Control Panel

The account control panel was the most extensive part of the project. The site was built out in a series of milestones as new features were added, so it was hard to imagine what the control panel would need to do in the future. I designed a UI framework that would easily allow the Toopher engineering team to add new features to the control panel. The framework included a set of templates and interactions to follow for organizing hierarchical data & sequential workflows.

Toopher Developers account page

Bootstrap-based Front-End Framework

I built the main website on Wordpress using a custom Bootstrap-based theme, so I used a large portion of the front end code from the main site to build the developer site. I also built out the account control panel using Bootstrap.


Toopher was acquired by Salesforce in May of 2015. The site is no longer online.